With distributors in Kamloops, Yakima, Vancouver and locally in Naramata, we have all the hops you need for your custom recipe. This includes base bittering hops to high alpha acid proprietary blends. If we don't have what you want, we can get them in. 


We are proud to carry a broad list of Fermentis products as well as Lallemand and Whitelabs. We have a yeast for every style of beer.


 We carry malts and specialty grains from around the world. From 2 row base malt Canadian grains to hard to find European and South American specialty products we have you covered. We regularly stock locally Canadian sourced Gambrinus malts, Chilean Patagonia, German Weyerman, Crisp and Simpsons malts from the UK, and Belgian Chateau specialty malts. We also carry specialty fermentables and adjuncts to help your specific recipe come to life.